Years 1,2,3 – Gymnastics – Terms 1&2 – Bliss charity

Rhino Sports Academy is pleased to welcome you all to our new Gymnastics club. Gymnastics is a great and fun way to get all muscle groups firing. The benefits of practising Gymnastics from a young age are plenty and we hope to increase strength and mobility in all of our participants and maybe inspire some new lifelong fans of the sport.

Some benefits of Gymnastics are:

  • Enhancement of the body’s Complex Motor Skills.
  • Doing Gymnastics regularly can dramatically increase flexibility.
  • Gymnastics can build strong coordination and balance. …
  • can help build a better sense of personal control and self-esteem.

Years 1,2,3 – Gymnastics – Terms 1&2 – Bliss charity


Wednesdays 3:30-4:15pm


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