About Rhino Sports Academy

“Rhino sports academy is a company that was born out of my love for all forms of sport, a passion for fitness, my personal experiences as a coach for over 12 years and my observations on the way that the new younger generation is interacting with the world around them. I strongly feel that unless we can instil a hunger for sport and healthy competition in students from a young age that it may be lost to them forever.”

Sam Mennell - Director

Who We Are

Rhino sports academy is a new innovative sports company whose vision is to raise the bar on coaching in local schools. We have a team of coaches who specialise across different sports and we want to share our passion and knowledge of these sports with schools everywhere. Working with Rhino will give students the chance to experience professional coaching in a fun and engaging environment, where they will learn leadership and develop an understanding of healthy competition as well as gain a deeper appreciation of the rules of the game whilst learning and honing new and specific skills.

What We Do

Rhino sports academy want to take pressure off schools in a number of ways by using our expertise to aid with activity scheduling, multi school tournament organisation, holiday camps and more because we want to breathe life back into healthy Competition and create a new unity amongst youth across the country. We also offer PPA and PE lesson curriculum cover alongside our extra-curricular timetable to help support the teachers with their busy schedules.

Our Mission

Our main aim is to take sports coaching and other extra-curricular activities to the next level by working closely with schools to find out what areas they need support with or what new fields they could offer to help them enrich the student experience. Rhino sports academy is proudly in partnership with UNIT17 Dance company and Tennis4All who will be providing us highly skilled coaches in their field so that we can cater for a wider range of activities without compromising on the quality of coaching.



The Boring Bit

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